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Hi all, yep i,m a newbie..yay

I took part in a tandem skydive yesterday and an awesome experience it was however I did have a few issues which I wonder if someone could clear up...

My free fall was superb but once under canopy the strap across my chest was at the bottom of my throat and just about cutting into my wind pipe, my instructor did loosen it off which improved things, but is that right?

Then I began to feel a bit queezie, I hadn't eaten or drank anything for hours, is this a one off or not??

The instructor was very helpful through-out so he did all he could do for me, thought I had better mention that...He was great..

He gave me the steering toggles to steer the parachute and after a few seconds my arms started with pins and needles and he had to take them off me...gutted, why did this happen???

And lastly after the jump my throat and back of my nose was sore, why is this and can it be avoided..

Sorry for so much..


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The chest strap alway rises up when your under canopy. It shouldn't choke you though. All this means is you need to find a rig that fits you better. The fact that you hadn't eaten mixed with the adrenaline probably made you feel ill. And tandem canopys take a lot more force to steer than student canopys. The smaller the canopy, the easier it is to steer/flare. As you become more relaxed, jumps have less of a toll on your body. :)

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Tandem harness slipping can happen for several reasons.
1) Harness is older and friction connectors are worn
2) Harness, not tight enough upon exit of plane
3) Tandem student has fat legs and the harness cut into the fat upon deployment (we say like jello through a strainer)

Nausea is usually a combo thing ... too little food, too much food, combined with adrenaline. Also if the leg straps are too tight or you are hanging in the harness wrong it will cut blood flow, which also can make you nauseous.

Tingly hands are caused by hanging in the harness in such a way the leg strap is pressing on the nerves in the legs or arms


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i have never done a tandem yet but i would say that everyone pretty much has the nausea thing downpact... the legs and that would be from the harness as someone mentioned and i would think that the chest strap to the throat would be due to the harness too big or something... as for the arms getting pins and needles... you are lifting your arms above your heart usually, which makes it harder to get a constant blood flow to them... hence pins and needles

well thats what i would say anyways...
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