Larsen and Brusgaard ROCKS!

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I had to send my 8 year old, 2000+ jumps, protrack to L&B for repairs... it was turning itself off in the plane... and I just received a replacement... just over 1 week after I sent them the old one! Once again, there is no doubt in my mind who in the skydiving business has the best customer service... actually in any business! You guys ROCK L&B!B|

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Nothing but praise for L&B ...

Six / Seven years ago

Lost a camera helmet with two pro tracks and bought the replacements (It really hurt!) ...

A friend throws (puts) my camera helmet into his trunk and one of the new pro tracks comes out and gets trapped in the latch - that's pro track number 3 in three months !!! :o

Send the bits to L&B - they sent me a new pro track FOC !!!

This Year

Pro track playing up - can't work it out - sent back to L&B - they return it saying that the last place i purchased batteries from used non-standard batteries - they fit a new set and send me a spare set again FOC ...

That's why i will always use L&B ...

Because that's customer service !!!


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I agree wholeheartedly!!!

I had a 3 year old Pro-Track that took a riser slap. The faceplate cover and one of the rubber buttons was gone. Sent it to them and in less than 10 days I had a brand new unit, FOC!!! Plus extra goodies and batteries. L & B are a top flight company that appreciates customers. I will ALWAYS recommend their products over any competitor.

The story of shipping the Pro-track to them and the brown colored shipping company is totally different.


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