Did an accident shake your confidence?

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I have found for myself, that while I find no comfort in accepting the worst possible outcomes that I do accept it and that allows me to not think about it and focus on the dive, which is where the focus should be.
I didnt take AFF, but I did sit through a couple hours of a course after i was licensed with a friend of myne who was taking it. I was scared for my buddy, b/c i could barely follow along with all the material that was being spit out. He told me the course just felt like a blur and that he felt like he didnt retain alot. Now thats a scary thought when you're going up for your first jump.
I took the static line course. I liked it b/c it was a slower progression. It allowed me to absorb all the things that were taught to me. Basically was safety procedures, arching and flying the canopy. That felt way more manageable than if i had to go to altitude and do freefall. I can't imagine how overwhelming that would be. And thats what i mean when i say "dont ride above your head". Focus on less and you'll absorb more. Then once you are comfortable and ready move on to the next thing.

You can increase your safety odds. Learn from others mistakes, slow your progression by working on things you struggle with until its easy, plan your jumps in detail, find a jump partner that can work with you. Lots of things you can do.
Skydiving is a risk. Is it worth it for you? You're the only one who can answer that.

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It's understandable to have some second thoughts after getting hurt. But you already know what it was you did wrong that got you hurt. So the rest of it is dealing with fears and uncertainty.

I broke my fib and had a pin through my ankle about five years ago. Mercifully the pin was removed after four months. It was just about six months before I was ready to take to the air again. I don't recall any particular fear or uncertainty about it though. I found putting on my rig and climbing on board for the ride up was comfortably familiar and that the open door was there to jump out of. Plus, a young kid onboard with about forty jumps asked me if I'd jump with him and I said of course I would, so it wasn't just about me anymore.

Have you been out to the dropzone much since you got hurt ? Or taken an observer ride, just to watch your friends go out the door ? I made a couple visits to the DZ and took one observer ride while I was mending. It really kept my spirits and interest up.

Skydiving won't be any more dangerous than it ever was before and you're just "that much" wiser. If you decide to leave, it will be your choice. But you will be unhappy with yourself for having quit for the rest of your life. You should at least make a few more jumps before deciding.

You're not gonna quit....

Your humble servant.....Professor Gravity !

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