JFTC - any news?

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Rumor has it that they had one out again; grip was made just after the pullout happened. Official word is that they are going up again. (Best case they're just saying that to keep the party from starting too early; they're looking at pictures now.)

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How does one donate at this point? Blush

Go to

This page,
and donate! away!

My wife is particiapting in the record attempts, she says it is close. These are some of her words (from yesterday) from a participants perspective.


We are really close to the record. Lots of people have been cut from the jumps. I am now the last person to dock on the last whacker. Track off is great. Doesn't feel that big. My whacker has been complete on the last two jumps.
We are going to 18,000 ft I am the oxygen captian in our plane and second to last diver. We track off from 7,500ft to 2,200 in a ten way group until 4,000ft then we fan out about 2 degres and track our asses off.

The closest we have been is about 15 out, maybe tommorrow we will see. I think more will be cut tommorrow. We are going for 181 at the moment...

That is only her perspective of course but sounds like full on stuff, go girls, you can do it!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will see peace." - 'Jimi' Hendrix

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