Jump / Cutaway Ratio Poll

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Adding my jumps

78213 +2100 = 80313

175 + 1 =176

80313 / 176 = 456.32

Perhaps a bit of a math error here, since Pat gave his subtotal of cutaways as 165, not 175.

If your number was actually 1 in 2100 jumps, that'd bring the ratio of cutaways to jumps as 483.8:1

All calculations from this point forward being redone would bring the cumulative total to 84350 /172, yielding 490.40

In any event, this means I'm on the brink of statistical imminence. I'll plan on pre-buying beer and also my rigger's requirement.
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damn, 3 cutaways in 650 jumps? Whats your secret?B|

Jump 30; My pack job - Line Twist w/ fired toggle could not get it out.

Jump 31; not my pack job - Tension knot could not clear and putting me into a dive.

Jump 590; my pack job - canopy transfer :P loose silver handle thingy in freefall; pulled; replaced handle; silver chord thingy a little long; 1000 ft. reserve pops out; pull red handle; enjoy ground rush.:D
If you're not living on the edge; you're taking up too much room!

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112109 + 667 = 112776

216+0 = 216

112776/ 216 = 522,1

Holy Moly

I could really stuff the numbers now.

51 total cutaways. B License! ;)
Twice I did not pull my own cutaway handle!
5 were not planned - but well prepared for! :P
about 2500 total logged jumps.


112776 + 2500 = 115276
216+5 = 221

1 : 521.6
Stay Safe - Have Fun - Good Luck

The above could be crap, thought provoking, useful, or . . But not personal. You decide.

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