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hi guys

I'm gonna jump at perris for the next 3 weeks.

I'm staying in Riverside and taking 2 busses for 1.5 hours + 20 minutes walking (under the hot california sun).. I already got sun burn from just one time of that walking..
I wondered if somebody can save me the walking part, even just once,
From Perris Transit Station, at the morning (around 10am). will pay gas of course..

pm me

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Call Manifest when you get in; someone may be available. (We'll be there this weekend but will be doing the Aussie record, and they would not look kindly on us leaving to pick someone up.)

Other suggestions - take a bike; they can be taken on most buses. If you can get to the edge of the north field you can probably get Tim to pick you up and save you some walking.

The Metrolink to Perris will be done in about 3 years, but that doesn't help you for the next 3 weeks . . .

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