No fun jumping in Las Vegas???

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I was really surprised to find that the only DZs in or around Las vegas are tandem only. I would think (being born and raised there) that Las Vegas would be filled with adrenaline junkies. Vegas would be a rockin place for fun jumpers.

I called both Jean and Boulder City and both dropzones say the closest place for fun-jumpers is Mesquite. Mesquite?

I wish I had money to invest..... Id make it happen.

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the hour north to mesquite

1 hour to a good DZ is nothing! It is also straight up I-15 from Vegas. Easy drive.

Some perspective...
Skydive Chicago is in Ottawa, IL
Chicagoland Skydiving is in Hinckley, IL

For many people in the Chicago area, it can take an hour or more to get to either DZ. It's 3 hours for me and I'm very happy to make the drive. Both DZ's are great.

Too bad about Meigs Field. Could have been an urban DZ with a beach landing area. Damn you, Daley!

I guess we all need dreams, even if they're stupid.

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I bought my brother a gift certificate to Vegas Extreme for a tandem. They told him to tell me to bring my rig when I went out to visit him, so about 2 months later when I went to visit him, I did bring my rig.

I called them the day before as a courtesy and was told that in order to jump my own gear, their rigger would have to inspect it... and the rigger won't be in on the day that I was coming up.

bunch of fucking douche bags. We went to the ghetto tunnel instead.

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