Skydiving Goals for 2011?

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My only skydiving goal is to stop being a chicken shit and do i again.

And i like the one about not having to do first aid. That one would also be a step in the positive direction for me.
Thanatos340(on landing rounds)--
Landing procedure: Hand all the way up, Feet and Knees Together and PLF soon as you get bitch slapped by a planet.

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-take another canopy course to help me get more comfortable, the first one helped tremendously

-stay current and jump more than every two weeks or so, need to get to some bigger boogies too

-get up to 200 jumps and most on my belly so I can get my ass to big way camp!

-Be safe and keep my name out of the incidents/blue skies forums

-really hoping i can make it through a year without losing friends, the past couple of years have been really bad.

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Become well controlled on my belly so I can become the best camera flier possible.

Make at least 250 dives

Canopy courses and start the journey toward HP landings(nothing crazy though...I'm gettin older[:/])

Coach rating, C license, and possibly AFF rating

And all the while, learn to freefly with my gorgeous wife and continue expanding this great skydiving family we've found.

Cheers everyone! Enjoy 2011 and each other!

Life expands or contracts in proportion to one's courage. ~Anais Nin

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1.) Get my reserve repacked for the upcoming season
2.) Finish my test for my 'B' license (already have enough jumps, docks, landinging within 50 feet from the target, and water training...just need to take the test)
3.) get (at least) twice as many jumps as I had last season
4.) get better at 4-way
4.) learn how to exit front floater without flailing around looking like an idiot
5.) get better flying in different slots for 4-way
5.) make more skydiving friends
6.) be safe
7.) have fun!

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I'd like to get to my C by the end of next year but want to do the following on the way there.

- Get my B
- Heli Jump
- Canopy Course
- Complete the canopy control check list
- Slow my fall speed down
- Try a little free flying.
- Visit more DZ's

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Get my shoulder back to 100 percent
Get my A
Obtain an AAD so I can jump my rig
Go back to Skydive Coastal Carolinas where I made my first tandem and do a fun jump with one of the instructors who introduced me to skydiving if he's still there.
OH and not dislocate my shoulder again!

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