Precision Aerodynamics Fusion. Details?

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Is there anyone here who could tell me more about Precision Aerodynamics Fusion canopy?

How's it in comparison with Safire2 / Sabre2?

Recovery arc?
Ease of use of fronts?
Toggle turns (mild, more aggressive?)?
Harness input?

Thanks :)
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Dont know much about comparing it to a sabre 2, But I do have about 150 jumps on my old Fusion 210 loaded at 1:1 and I was happy with it. It was a fairly docile canopy at my WL, it had awesome super soft openings that were almost always on heading.

Again I wasnt at a high WL, so I was not doing any hi perf landings on it.
The black microlines it came with did look pretty seet though.
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Overall a good canopy, I think it's comparable to a saber 2 but I haven't jump a saber 2 before so don't take my word for it. The openings are nice soft and on heading, though some people complain that it's never on heading which might be do to packing or body position but I never had a problem with it. Oh and the HMA lines that are on it last about 500-650 jumps or so but the only bad thing is that they don't stretch or get out of trim when you need to get a new line set they just break.

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I've got a 210 and I love it. I've gained some weight so I'm loading it at about 1.3 and it still doesn't penetrate that well into the wind but it will run like hell downwind. Landings are great too! I don't know how it compares to a sabre II but it is light years better than the old Sabre I I traded in for it.

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