"Rum Bum Boogie" 1st skydivers in the Bahamas since 1998!

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During Lobster season similar rules apply as in the states but the Measurment of the Carapce is 3-3/8" unlike the US that is 3" the big rule is that you can't use Dive tanks. Freedive only. In Rum Cay the lobsters get so BIG that you really do need to spear them. Luckily use of pole spears and Hawaiian slings are legal for lobster but not spearguns. With only 60 locals on the island and no commercial lobster harvesting there are plenty of 7-10lb bugs on every reef.

Hopfully you can come oon one of our trips and experince it first hand.

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great pics, any idea of the cost and do u need a specific license to jump?

We Require a B-liscense or equivelent for most of the landing areas and you must have had water training. There are 2 Landing areas that we require a min 150 jumps. $300/day includes room, food, non alcoholic drinks, transportation, and boat trips. i.e snorkeling, surfing, paddlboarding, kayaking ect.

If you get a group of 6ppl your trip is free excluding airfare.

You can PM me if you have specific questions.

We leased the plan until April so all you jumpers freezing your butts off come on down and get a little taste of RUM...

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