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Well, I know two experienced people that skydive that have kids and I greatly respect them both.

I thought it might be a touchy subject among some because there was an article in Parachutist a year or two back that made reference to being pregnant and skydiving. I can't remember the exact article. Anyway, the following month someone wrote a letter in reply to the article and really went off about how upset they were someone went skydiving pregnant.

I have been in the sport 3 years, and only 30 jumps. I know my jump numbers are low. It's a long story, but, I had 19 jumps, a reserve ride, broke my wrist because I didn't PLF and did the rollerblade put-your-hand out thing like I was told not to. During that time I did a low turn, almost hit a tractor, and landed in a very small Arizona tree. I couldn't do pushups for a year which was really awkward for me and I could hardly write in school but I made it through. In my heart though, I started to gain a love for skydiving, so I came back. It took a year before I started feeling my wrist was normal again, and about another year to really decide and get my life to some normalcy to be able to start skydiving again.

Realizing I do have small jump numbers, I put 2 years of time into on the ground experience just reading about packing, jumping, freefalling, canopy flight, etc. etc.

Well finally I'm an A licensed skydiver and now realize I'm totally responsible for everything up there. From on the ground observation of the winds, to spotting the DZ and jumping out in the right place, pulling on time, and then flying a good approach and watching out for other canopies at the same time.

So anyway, most whuffos have always thought I'm nuts for skydiving. I now understand alot more about skydiving than they do, and often see "parachute failed" in the news articles and then learn the fellow did a low turn but never said that (or knew that) to the reporters...

Well I just found out I'm gonna be a dad, and so I wanted to find others out there that continue to skydive as I am going to do. Maybe 15 jumps ago I would have decided differently, but now the way I look at it is that I'm hooked for life and it's my job to make sure I get back on the ground...As long as I understand that I don't see any issues with it.

And, just in case anybody was curious...The baby skydived on March 1 and has a due date of somewhere between Sept-Nov


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Son 20yr-just got his "A" license
Daughter 18yrs-will do her first tandem at our Boogie this year.
My best friend is similar
2 daughters 20 and 18
one is halfway to her "A" and the other will make her first tandem same day as my daughter-we are hoping for a cool six way in about a year.
They all rock in the tunnel.
We are both 49yrs old and started jumping in the military in 1981-he just got his"A" and i'll finish mine in June.
It's great family fun. We are looking forward to traveling the world to boogies.
"You can't teach what you don't know and you can't lead where you won't go"

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Probably a touchy subject for some...

So how many skydivers got kids?

Also don't see why it should be touchy. I have one, and one on the way... so I won't be jumping for a while!!!
Skydiving: wasting fossil fuels just for fun.

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Semper Fi to that!!!

Alot of whuffos where I work have already suggested to me that my skydiving life is over and I think I shocked the hell out of them with my reply...

I said, "Stop skydiving?! WHAT?! No way...I'll just make sure I stick with pulling at 5000 feet..."


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