needed to jump as a tandem instructor

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once a skydiver gets a D license, what further steps do they have to take in order to take people jumping? I can't imagine you could just show up at a dropzone, rent a tandem rig, then take anybody you wanted up.

What country are you in?

You need to get a TM license. This is a course you take, and you need a number of prerequisites that vary by country and even by manufacturer.

Like you need 500 to 1000 jumps, with maybe a minimum freefall time too, a D-license, sometimes you need to have had a cutaway, you usually need a current medical, and some specific time in the sport is also a common requirement (say 3 years). Then when you pass the course you may need to stay current to keep your tandem license (do a minimum number of jumps and a minimum number of tandem jumps per year).

ciel bleu,

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First get the required experience and go through the courses to get the ratings.

At the dropzone's I've worked at, mostly part-time, I'm an independent contractor. First talk to the management about doing tandems there, and if they feel like it, they'll let you jump with some of their customers and pay you by the jump.

Usually when the dropzone gets busy they give me a call and I'll let them know if I can make it that day. The dropzone typically owns, leases, or rents the airplane and tandem rigs. Some instructors have their own tandem rigs but most do not.

Yes it's possible to show up at a dropzone and rent a tandem rig to take one of your friends on a jump if the dropzone will allow you to. The normal way it works is the customers call the dropzone, schedule a jump time, and the dropzone schedules tandem instructors to work that day.

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