MedJet Assist-a good idea for jumpers.

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I was contacted by this company in January about their membership program. This is a very good idea for jumpers that travel around the world, or travel around to boogies in the US. This was presented to me through the company that flew an injured jumper from Belize to Houston one year. That jumper had to put $28,000 on a credit card.

This isn't an "insurance", it's a membership plan. You can get short term or yearly coverage. Many of the Boogie in Belize participants purchased temporary membership.

I'm not representing them nor getting any kickbacks from them. I just think it's a smart idea to have this plan if you are a jumper from the USA.

Some people think the "DAN" diver insurance will do the same thing, it won't. A DAN plan only flies you to the closest hopsital that can treat you and won't pay to fly you home to the states.

They don't cover helicopter medivac from the DZ to the hospital. But after you are stable they would fly you to your hometown, or other location for treatment/rehab.

We travel a lot, so I have a family plan for the four of us for $350 per year.

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I Use http://www.ihi.com/

International Travel and Health Insurance.

A lot of base jumpers use it for international travel.

Several I know have made full use of it, with medical bills in the high 5 figures to low 6 figure range.

Annual insurance is good for 30 days at a clip (trip).


I pay 160$ ish a year. I also have some supplemental Heli "Insurance" for Switzerland.... Which is more for rescue. $30ish a year.


Rega is a privately run, non-profit organisation that depends on voluntary funding. Patronage contributions are deemed to be donations. In grateful acknowledgement of this support, Rega waives the cost of the emergency services provided to patrons in the event that medical insurances or any other third party under obligation to pay fail to meet the costs of the rescue operation, either wholly or in part.

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Priceline.com also offers a similar service when you buy the trip through them. I only glanced at the fine print but I think it does pay for evac service and to get you home but your regular insurance has to cover the hospital bill. I paid an additional $16 for it when I went to the Puerto Rico boogie. thankfully didn't use it!

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You always have to read the small print on travel insurance. Many of them only cover you to the nearest help.
So if you got injured in Puerto Rico, they might just keep you in a hospital there. Most of the companies have a panel of doctors that review your case and approve where you get flown to.
The DAN insurance would only get you from Belize to Merida, Mexico for serious injuries. Many people thought that DAN would fly you back to the states.
If you have a travel plan or are looking into one, call them and ask a LOT of questions.
Thanks for the Priceline.com tip, I was unaware that was available.

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