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Got my license Saturday. I have 26 jumps now, but got my license on my 25th. Man, it feels good. I was at work, work at an airport, and the windsock was dead. We didnt have alot of flights going and we had alot of guys there. Talked my boss into leaving to finish, had to do 3 to do it. Got there, it is a ways away, and it was B license and above. WHYY!!!! Well, that was around noon. About 3:30 the winds died enough to jump. Had to get my hop n pop done, with the spotting. Good times! Was about to do 3 more jumps. The last jump I did with the dzs main instructor, we did a coach jump where he showed me how to do turns with the knee turning 2 people docked, and then turns with the knee in conjunction with a shoulder turn individually. I have that song of Tom Pettys in my head at this point, Learning to fly......

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