First Picture in Parachutist

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She was wearing a borrowed Bonehead Mamba, or something damn close to that. From what I recall the piece that covers the chin portion of your face on that helmet obscured her vision to her chest strap.

In most cases we live and die by choices we make on the ground. At 120 a minor annoyance on the ground can be a death warrant in the sky.

My idea of a fair fight is clubbing baby seals

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+1 to the look at other peoples equipment being a good idea. Last year I was jumping in Skydive greensburg IN in a C182 and it was me and a tandem w/ the photographer and as soon as I was about to board the plane the photographer pointed out that my leg strap had a twist in it and wasn't flat and snug around my leg.

You'd think one would be able to notice a twist in your legstrap but I really didn't and who knows what could have happened when I deployed.

Keep a vigilant eye during pre-boarding, in the plane, and under canopy to help conduct a safer skydive.

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