NJ State POPS record

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Not even moderately big in the world of big-way jumps,
but we set a new official POPS record for New Jersey yesterday with a 23-way formation from 13,500 ft. at Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ

It was 103 F. in the afternoon. Very hot and humid.

In spite of the weather everyone stayed upbeat and it was a good day. We all kept well hydrated.
This is especially important since, at 46 years old, I was one of the youngest guys on the jumps.
The older you get, the more heat can affect you.

Fortunately there was a fairly steady breeze around 8-10 mph that helped.

Like I said, I know its small potato's in the big-way world, but it was the biggest formation I've been on and its cool to be part of a record.

Hopefully I'll have some pix to add once someone can send me some...

"edited to change 22-way to 23-way"

My mighty steed

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Intereting design......Congrads.GO BIGGER ;)

Was supposed to be 28.

5 guys bailed last minute. I guess they didn't care for 103 F. and humid ;)

Tell me about it. Flew 8 182 loads over at Keystone. I wanted to bail out a couple of times.
Replying to: Re: Stall On Jump Run Emergency Procedure? by billvon

If the plane is unrecoverable then exiting is a very very good idea.

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