vegas in april

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Am off to Vegas in april with the family and looking to get the family some tandem jumps.

Am just trying to find out the best center to go to out there and if they let fun jumpers jump and if any hire kit available if possible would be looking for a 170/190 as i cant justify taking my rig out there to do 1 or 2 jumps.

If it helps i am a uk jumper with 160 jumps

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Skydive Mesquite...tandems and fun jumper friendly! One hour north of Vegas, best DZ in Nevada. B|

Yeah - except their pilot crashed landed the caravan when he ran out of fuel and you will probably be jumping a cessna 182[:/]
"We saved your gear. Now you can sell it when you get out of the hospital and upsize!!" "K-Dub"


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