31st anniversary of my first skydive

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Yesterday, January 12th, was my 31st anniverary of my first skydive. I totally forgot it yesterday. In case you missed the story last year: C-182, 17-years-old, B-12 Harness, SL, 28 foot 7-TU with a belly wart, 2800 feet, door off, my dad's DZ in (technically) Tuskeegee, AL.

I am still at it full-time. I do AFF/Tandem/Wingsuit instruction. I have never broken a major bone doing it. I have nine reserve rides, including one tandem rig double malfunction which I lived through jumping a prototype. I only have 7,500 jumps in that time, but that's cool because I am best friends half my age with twice as many jumps because they grew up in the "turbine age" and did not spend 21 years in the army like I did.

My dad, Buddy Blue, D-597, still jumps on occasion, still thinks he's better looking than me, and I accept that.

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Pretty amazing. I love these stories, knowing you've been skydiving for 10 more years than I've been alive.

I as thinking about people your age Johnny, and thought that when Chuck started jumping, your parents could have been like 10 years old :D

Happy anniversary Chuck, and you can still kick may younger (in age) peoples arses :)
scissors beat paper, paper beat rock, rock beat wingsuit - KarlM

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