jump run 5 with rfid scanner to keep track of rig use

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My dropzone is switching to jump run 5 and we're trying to figure out the best way to keep track of packing and rig use...preferably with the use of rfid tags and scanner. Anybody have any success with this method? How best would data from rfid scanners integrate into jump run 5? Thanks!

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What are you trying to figure out?

We have PLU codes for all the rigs and that is what gets entered into jumprun when a rig is packed (to pay the packer).

Subsequently we know how many jumps are done on each rig. Generally speaking we have been just having the packers write it down on a log and then someone enters it all into the system.

I am writing a piece of companion software though that will allow for a "packer kiosk" so that the packers can enter their own pack jobs onto account and a manager can review it all.
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