Ogio gear bag

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I am wondering if it would be too big or not.

How can we judge "too big" when we don't know how much gear you have, or how big your rig is? Their ad gives the dimensions of the bag, so lay your gear out and measure it and see how well it would fit. As a new jumper, you'll also want to allow room for additional gear as you grow in the sport - you might end up with another jumpsuit, spare parts for your rig, a few rigging tools, owner's manuals, and so on.

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I have the Ogio 9900, I fit my freefly suit, camera suit, swoop shorts, 2 pair of shoes and 2 UPT Mocron rigs, oh yea my SIMS, IRM, log book.......... The thing is HUGE!!! I do keep my video equipment and helmets in different bags tho. More control over them getting damaged or banged around.

I just ordered my wife this for her Gear bag,


should fit her rig (micron), 2 jumpsuits and her shoes. using a helpmet bag with a clip for her g3.

Might look at the 26" I was going to go with the 26" for her but she is looking to minimize her travel size to the dz.

My Ogio bag is indestructible!!!! Only Gear bag I will ever need!

It's Jimmy Time!!

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I have one. It's great for going to the DZ on the weekend. Holds two rigs, 2 helmets, 2-3 jump suits. I can usually one rig unpacked and one rig packed back in it if I'm being lazy.
Protects the rigs very well, made very well.

Only has one down side: The bag itself is very heavy. Which is bad if you are going to travel with it.
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