Selling gear reluctance

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I've found I simply can't commit the time and money and in my case especially large amounts of money since I don't jump in my home country (UK).

Some might say jump in the UK but the signal to noise ratio is pretty bad in the UK.

To get where I want to in skydiving that is awesome freeflier.

While money isn't super tight, I see my rigs as money just sitting their depreciating, while the cypres and Vigil's slowly expire.

Except I have massive reluctance to do it. As I sort of have the feeling if I sell it I'm out. and it is yet another barrier to getting back in.

Does anybody else feel the same way?

Apparently the guys who sold me my rigs felt the same way and they ended up sitting in cupboards for years before they were even advertised for sale.

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Sounds like you have two rigs. I'd sell one. At least that way you're only "losing money" on one AAD instead of two.

Being a skydiver without a rig is way worse than being a rig owner who can't afford to jump. As long as you don't need the money to survive, hang on to everything you need to make one jump. You won't regret it.

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Other people have sold their gear and then gotten back in the sport. Other people also have downsized their canopies to a point where their gear wasn't appropriate for them anymore and still been able to get back in the sport. They get back in because they want to.

It's totally up to you.

If you're sure you're not gonna jump the next few years, then sell your gear. Especially if you are fairly "standard sized" and can easily find used gear that fits you. It's no point in having gear that just sits in a closet.

Oh, yeah, who wouldn't want to be an awesome freeflyer (watch me raise my hand!), but I've seen people with pretty limited budgets end up as awesome freeflyers. It just took a lot of hard work and dedication.

Even if you do sell your gear, you can still go in the tunnel, if that's your thing.

Best of luck!
Relax, you can die if you mess up, but it will probably not be by bullet.


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I did stop jumping for a number of years, and kept my gear. I always intended to start again.

By the time I got back into the sport, i twas nothing remotely resembling current gear, but it worked until I bought something current (that I'm still jumping 10 years later). I was able to look around for the right used deal, because I wasn't desperate for gear.

If you're not jumping A LOT, or at least a lot in one day it's kind of dumb to have 2 rigs. I did for awhle, and never used the second rig. If you think you'll make 2-5 jumps a year, you can also sel lboth current rigs, and buy something older and larger and cheaper that you can use as your "no hurry to buy" rig if you do decide to take it up actively again.

Wendy P.
There is nothing more dangerous than breaking a basic safety rule and getting away with it. It removes fear of the consequences and builds false confidence. (tbrown)

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If you're having trouble jumping a lot, then multiple rigs is definitely pointless. Sell the one you like the least.

If the goal is the most important thing, and the goal really is becoming an awesome freeflier, then the very best use for your money is tunnel time, and a lot of it. You could conceivably take a year or two away from skydiving, pour your effort into becoming a tunnel badass, and return to the sky when your life is more amenable to jumping?

Of course, there is the problem with this plan: the sky is a powerful drug, and hard to give up. But you sound like you're willing to consider it, at least for a while?
"I'll tell you how all skydivers are judged, . They are judged by the laws of physics." - kkeenan

"You jump out, pull the string and either live or die. What's there to be good at?

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