Creating a contract for Demo Jumps

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Demo contracts are a rather fluid thing, you kind of need to tailor each one toward the venue you are performing.

That being said, a few things you need to address are:

Description of the act or performance.
Number of jumpers, types of jumps ie. Flag presentation, smoke, CRW etc.

Number of jumps for the event, if you are jumping more than once a day you need to let them know your 'turn' time. They may have unrealistic expectations, like doing back to back jumps every 20 minutes...say on paper what you can do.

The approximate amount of time the act will be,, exit to landing.

Will you require a ground crew, who will provide that manpower. If you do, you need to make sure they have all the required access and passes etc. If they will you need to make sure they are trained on what to do...provide security, catch flags, recover pyro or whatever.

State that you will observe all regulations FAA & USPA.

Will you have demo insurance in place, if so state who's to pay for it, exactly what coverage, and the way names will be listed on the policy.

State who will provide the aircraft and who will pay for it, go into the aircraft requirements and pilot quals if they are.
(you are better off if THEY pay for and take responsibility of that, you can 'set it up' with the local dz or whatever...but they need to contract with them not you. if the plane is late YOU don't get blamed, if the plane is broke YOU still get paid...if you stay out of that end)

Payment: I get 50% up front or 14days prior to the performance, the rest upon arrival at the site...yes ya need to make an appearance there prior to jumping in if at all possible.
(You need to make every effort to get paid prior to performing. Yes there are times this isn't possible but if they're relying on the gate to pay you....you ARE gonna get burned eventually, trust me, I've been doin' this for over 30 years. ;) )

State you wind conditions and you landing area needs, also put something in there regarding rain and lightning.

Also state toward the end that you will make every possible effort to complete the described performance safely within the parameters outlined by the USPA & the FAA... with an eye toward both the jumpers and the spectators welfare & safety bla bla bal etc.

I have several contracts I use depending on the type of venue, I can't post them as I was specifically instructed not to share them by the attorney that drafted them..

There are simpler contract templates available I believe in the PRO handbook and/or in the book 'Demo Details'.

They may work for you, but in the long run I've found a more specifically detailed legally written contract to be a better choice for your protection.

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Put him in touch with your Attorney. Sounds like he has a work product ready to go. Should be cheaper than having a new attorney recreate the wheel.
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