First time tandemn jump, a few quesitons..

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Odds are you’re going to jump once.

Buy the vid. Buy the air.

Remember, it’s a risky sport.


Even if you do 10,000 more jumps, you will be glad of both.

None of that was available when I made my first jump. I still wish I had a snapshot (which was not even an an option). :(
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Definitely get the extra altitude. As for the video, it's probably good to get it... it'll let you relive the experience over and over. The only exception would be if you're not particularly comfortable on camera. I'm not, I always get tong-tied or blank when asked something and look like a fool :P, so for me, video can be a little awkward. Having said that, I'm still glad I got it on my first jump, but I enjoyed my second (without video) much more.

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Definately take video. Extra altitude, by all means if you want it, but 9-10k is also fine to jump from. 14k will ~double your freefall time, but not everyone will notice this or even enjoy this all that much, especially on their first jump everything will probably go past very fast for you anyway.
So my 2 cents: video a big yes, extra altitude sure if you can afford it and think you'll enjoy the jump better.

ciel bleu,

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