What Month Starts the Season in Northern U.S States?

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The season for us in Kansas started in July with the 100+ heat this year. Preceding July, we canceled/rescheduled 80% of our tandems mostly due to wind, with a storm or two thrown in for good measure.

When anyone would complain about the spring weather, my standard response is "Eventually, it'll just be hot." We've now had 7 100 plus days in a row, with a total of 14 days with a high temperature of over 100 degrees.

At least if you're in the California/Arizona desert, South Texas, etc. where these temperatures are typical, you'll at least generally get to jump in the spring and winter.

In this area if you don't want to jump in the cold or hot, and can't jump in wind over 25, or with low clouds and storms, you'll basically have half a dozen days a year to jump.

I guess that turned into a bit of a rant. Now, back to regular programing.
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I think May is the start for most people, maybe April in others. Northern U.S. skydivers - what month starts the season at your DZ?

It depends on the winter. I've been out fun jumping as early as February a couple times.

Quite a few March jumps in my logbook.

April and May can be quite wet and windy around here. June can be wet. I've had years where I had a dozen or so jumps in March and early April, then nothing until late June.

Student season usually kicks off Memorial Day weekend, although I've seen tandems done earlier.
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We jump year round in MN and WI. Really cold days, we cook chili and ice fish.


We had a really warm winter this year though... it felt like spring the entire time with it only getting colder then 10 degrees a couple of times.

Why would you live there? :S

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