Current delivery time for Mirage...

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Mirage is currently running a 6-8 week production time and working hard to get you your custom order as quickly as possible. Don't forget about our stock inventory. We have a container for every taste and size ready to ship the same day you order it! We also have some very good deals to offer on stock containers. Check out our album titled "Current Stock List" and contact your local dealer for more details.

Blue skies,

Team Mirage

From their FB Page

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I don't think it's different than what they post on their website. 6-8 weeks as of Jan 21, 2011. I don't think it has changed because it was 6-8 weeks when I got my G4 a couple of years ago.

Edited to add, they have stock rigs listed on their site too. Might be worth checking out.
I'll believe it when I see it on YouTube!

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Update for others who are waiting;

Just received e-mail notification that my conatiner has been shipped. Total production time 2 weeks. Hopefully order to received time will be less than 1 month.

Ordered: 26Jan
In production: 01Feb
Shipped: 14Feb

Well...I spoke too soon. Ordered it online on February 20 and still have not been contacted with an invoice to get payment going two weeks later after multiple chats with the servicing department and their promises to get things going. They're eating up their 6-8 week estimated deliver time simply with order processing time!

Hope production doesn't run on the same timeline the administrative folks have been the last few weeks.

Am I being unreasonable?


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Just ordered my Mirage G4 last week through a dealer here in Western Australia, but haven't yet received confirmation from Mirage that the order has been taken and money collected.

Anyone have an idea of how long it takes for Mirage to confirm an order and if this is part of the 6-8 weeks or does that time frame start from when they give confirmation and accept payment.

Sick of renting gear. and postage always takes ages to get here.

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