buying from Icarus in NZ

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I ordered a stock canopy from (I believe NZ) thru Chutingstar. It showed up about 2 weeks later.

No additional bills. ;)

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I'm about to have a new canopy sent to CA from Icarus in NZ. Does anyone know what, if any, customs duties I'll have to pay? I asked both the Icarus dealer and Icarus themselves and they told me they didn't know if I'd have to pay or not.

Providing the required Internal Transaction Number (ITN) on the customs declaration form before mailing items with a value of more than $2,500, unless exempt under Census Bureau regulations. Ensure the ITN or exemption legend is clearly indicated on the customs declaration PS Form 2976-A in block 11.

The abouve is the really , really short version!

Iv'e been shipping stuff both ways on e-bay from Russia, Iv'e been told time and time again, inbound,...Don't worry, outbound worry when stuff starts to approach 500 us. You should not have any issues reciving a new canopy (CONGATULATIONS!!) if it is valued at 2,500.00 or less U.S..
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We got a bunch of canopies from them and the duty came in a separate bill from FEDEX. It wasn't much at all.....like twenty or so per canopy.

It wasn't a dealbreaker that's for sure.


+1 on that

Very good customer service (I knew status of my canopy all the way through production/purchase/shipping). Got the canopy week or two earlier than predicted.
Small customs fee, bigger than in USA, but nothing major. Thanx NZ Icarus :)
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