Completed AFF Lvl 3 & 4 (video)

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Here is my level 3 video.

I actually did this about 3 weeks ago. I don't have video for level 4, but the notes from my jump are below.

Exited really good, good practice touches, released 2 seconds after exit, 90 degree right, then 90 degree left, and for some reason I kept slowly spinning left and couldn't stop it. John (my instructor) and I came to the conclusion it was because my head might have been down, and for some reason my left arm was flying lower than my right. He actually thought i was just wanting to turn left, but when I didn't stop he had to bump me to get me to stop. Since I was trying to stop myself in the left turn I ended up locking on altitude a little late and pulled around 5200-4800. I took my downwind to far, good canopy control with minimal effort, and decent landing.

I've been at the DZ for the last 3 or so weeks trying to finish AFF 5, 6, and 7. However, the winds and weather haven't been very good. High winds, cloud cover, and last weekend it was 9 degrees at altitude with high winds. This Sunday appears to be promising, and I've got my fingers crossed to hopefully finish then.

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Well I just completed lvl 5 today, but not with flying colors. No video although it would of been really helpful this time.


That's funny I had the exact same problem on my level 4. Slow spin to the left and could not stop. Tunnel helped a lot.

I had the same problem again on level 5 this morning. I did a right 90 and came back left. Checked altitude and then my left spin began again randomly, and I couldn't stop it. I have this weird thing where I tend to fly left, and we can't seem to figure out what's going on. My instructor on this one said she now knows what my previous instructor said in my book about my spin because I did that left spin pretty much the entire jump this morning. She had to dock on me to stop it, then I locked on, waved, and she let go then I started to slowly spin left again right before I pulled. Luckily no line twists though. I didn't freak out or anything and I was altitude aware, but it's just this left spin that I can't seem to conquer.

We've come to the conclusion that I need to over exaggerate my right arm more to stop the spin because I have good form when turning left, but when I try to dip my right shoulder my left arm doesn't want to come up I guess. Does that matter that my left arm doesn't follow form when dipping my right shoulder? I'm able to turn right, but it's always a slow turn; but when I turn left it's easy and fast and I can't stop it. Instructor said she wasn't sure why I was spinning because my body position looked pretty good and everything seemed equal. We are going to try to do toe touches next time and see if that helps. Another possible issue is maybe my left knee is dropping causing the spin. My arms feel like they are fine to me so I think maybe it's my legs...

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