Mr Bill Death Strap

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But the hardware is only rated at 500lbs (1" quick fit adapter) So do I expect a part rated at 500lbs to fail before something rated at 900lbs?

You tell me. Better yet, do a static test. Tie a piece of 900lb Dacron to a properly routed chest strap. Secure the harness to something solid. Pull on the Dacron until something fails. personally, I'd use 2 cars with trailer hitches and an old student rig that's going in the garbage anyway.

I do have a chest strap from a rig that was cut off of me that is still attached to the main lift webs. That might be a fun experiment, but even if the dacron failed first, I'd still have to trust the rating over my experiment, since not all rigs use the same hardware or design.

***If you choose to do this in the air, good luck. Have fun. Make sure you get video.

And make sure the executors of your will know that you wanted the video of this jump to be made public.

10-4 :P

The bold text says it all. Go ahead man. You'll be fine.

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