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Jumps: 880
Cutaways: 3
Type: All partial malfunctions

One was a tension knot on a tandem, and the others really can't be classified as a specific malfunction. Hard to describe and I don't have pictures. But they both had problems with the lines. Not line twists or knots, just "tangled.":S


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sounds like a step through....?

Yeah, a step through sounds like what it was.

Later I was told by my instructor that I probably could have landed it just fine, but as both my toggles were pretty hard to unstove because of the twist I decided to try something new.
(And in that moment of clarity i remembered what I learned at FJC; if you are in doubt, you're not in doubt).

Anyways, all of my gear were found during 30 minutes (skyhook made the reserve bag and pilot stick to the main) and I got an experience richer.
Just hanging around

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1. 927

2. 0 cutaways

3. 1 total. Container never opened due to cocked pilot chute which created a cone lock. Sleeved cheapo in extended B-12 style container.

The rig was packed by a student who was planning to use it for his first 20 second delay. I jumped the rig because I wasn't packed and I wanted to jump with East Coast icon Bill "Lucky" Hammel before he left my DZ to go back to Lakewood PC.

Fortunately, I had the malfunction rather than the student. The student was very well known later in his jumping career. The student was Harvey Soss who went on the lead The Herd to fame and depravity. RIP, Soss.


I am not DB Cooper

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Edit: Well, this is an old thread that's been ressurected!

There are always so many variables involved in parachute (& jumper) reliability. Still, you are just looking for an average and aren't trying to separate different circumstances.

Excluding CRW and intentionals, at one time I would have said 1997 jumps and 0 cutaways, which was looking good. But then the next day it was 1998 jumps & 1 cutaway.

And now I'm at 3334 jumps & 5 cutaways = 1/668.
(Add one more cutaway if including CRW.)

1 * tandem tension knot
2 * spinning line twists on a 75 square foot canopy that I bought super cheap because it malfunctioned a couple times before
1 * accidental one-sided cutaway of a canopy (my fault and not the canopy's)
1 * tension knot on my regular crossbraced canopy when the lines got old

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