Best DZs to get A License

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I have to say Spaceland also. I went there last December for a week and got much more out of their program than I thought possible. I got rained out the last 2 days but only had 5 solo jumps and a checkout dive to do when I returned home. The instructors and packers are great! I am now having a hard time planning this year. My instructor from Texas is now a pilot in Florida. It may be time for a road trip. Congrats Jp!

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Thanks again for all of the great replies.
I'm looking to do my jumping in November and have narrowed it down to one of the following DZs (based on everyone's great responses to my original post):

In no particular order:
1) Skydive Arizona (Eloy)
2) z-hills Florida
3) Skydive Spaceland (Houston or Florida)

I'm guessing the atmosphere and level of enjoyment at these place will all be relatively equal, so:

1) Where will I have the best jumping-friendly weather in November and likely take the least number of weather-days?
2) Where will I have the best chance of getting my A-licence finished in the shortest amount of time (I already have about 10 jumps in).
3) Where are the best facilities in terms of accommodations? Either a bunkhouse or nearby hotels.
4) Anything else I should know?

I know these are all subjective questions, but now that I have narrowed down my search for the "perfect" DZ, I thought I would post again and get some more insight since there are so many jumpers on here who have jumped at these locations. Also, it's difficult to get unbiased information by speaking to staff.

Thanks a million!

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I havent been to Zhills in a few years, and never been to Spaceland, so I wont comment on them.

But: Oct/Nov is the best time of year in Eloy. Weather is awesome (cool mornings, but usually very nice). Open 7/days, and it's the start of the busy season, so loads will be going. Bunkhouse / Team rooms / hotel on site, with restaurant/bar on site. And a pool. And a gear store.

Edit: also lots of great coaches if and when you need them.

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Someplace warm.. thats all I can recommend. Warm. Jumping cold is something I haven't fallen in love with. My last 2 it was about 65 on the ground and mighty chilly hanging outside a C182

but the New England Fall foliage is something everyone should experience. Its BEAUTIFUL.
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