My dropzone is going to close, Cal-City

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I hear the DZ will have an AN-2 and only do Atmonauti.:P

"Since you're new here, let me familiarize you with the rules. Left handed landing pattern at all times. First person down sets the direction. Exit order is Atmonauti groups, largest to smallest. ... "

"Where do I get out if I'm doing RW?"

"R What?"

"Belly flying."

"Largest to smallest... Atmonauti groups."

"I'm not flying Atmonauti."

"It says in your logbook you've made 1200 jumps, am I to believe that in no point during those 1200 jumps you learned about following the rules of exit order at a dropzone?"

"Yes, but-"

"Well have I not made the rules perfectly clear to you?

"Yes, but-"

"Good. Now enjoy your jumps... but don't test me on my rules."

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A couple of weeks back, I was out around Cal City at "near point" shooting with YoBo and Sthal.

Afterwards, we happened by the ol' Cal City DZ hangar to look things over... report:

Sadly, the place is still not in use in any evident manner.

The fence is on the verge of blowing over; several boards are already gone missing.

Someone must have come by and "liberated" one of the picnic tables, but not the good one with all the stuff carved in it.

The place was locked up, but we peeked in trough the office windows and upstairs and the place appears dusty and empty inside.

There's lots of sand and tumble weeds blown up against the fence and around the walkway outside the office.

The parking lot is starting to be taken' back by the desert.

Either someone broke one of the windows into what used to be one of the classrooms or the wind did it?

The back-yard is starting to look un-kept.

The airfield gate was closed, but you can see where kids are still driving around it to go drag-race on the runway at night.


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That just gave me some very sad visuals, indeed

If you want to see depressing visuals, try visiting the old Air Adventures West dropzone in Taft,CA.

Whats depressing about (from altitude) a federal prison:P

Actually yeah, its pretty sad now. Was out that way last weekend.....[:/]
The Dude Abides.

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Hi Zig,

It is obvious that it holds a special place in your heart. :)
We all hate to see old dz's go away.

I was out to Sheridan, OR last year and it is way worse looking. It rains here a lot so there are lots of big weeds and the building is slowly beginning to collapse.

Sad times all around [:/]


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