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Hi all,

The company I work (www.normhillaviation.com) is currently in possession of the DZ at Cal City airport and surrounding 63 acres. Although we currently use the hangers to retire and part out Gulfstream Jets, we would like to make the DZ available to those who are interested in flying out for the weekend to jump.

As I have only done one tandem jump in my life, I have no idea what it would take to get something going on out here.

I just spent an hour or two reading the last few threads about Cal City DZ....sounds like you guys had a ton of good times out here!

Thanks for reading.

Chris Hill

If anybody is interested in giving us a hand please shoot me a message and we can start putting this thing together.

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Interesting. And maybe you will get some "takers" to help you formulate a model of opportunity here. For those "locals" out there still letft without their home, I would think this possibly intriguing. However, hard for me (being a past frequent cross-country visitor) to picture it ever being even close to what it was, without the Pray's involced. "Family" there, is, IMO - what really made that place - - - and without a FAMILY return to it (rather than a business) - I just can't see that ever, being recreated.

If it does actually happen though - do let us know!

Blue Skies,
coitus non circum - Moab Stone

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We also are a family oriented business but would have no hand in managing the dropzone. We simply want to make it, and the land surrounding it available to those who would like to rent or lease space for their business or private use.

We use the hangars but there is a ton of space for camping/RV's etc around the airport and dropzone.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I have sent an email to the Regional Director.

ETA: Also contacted Van Jr.

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Awh, comeon Mike, one could dig an AWESOME swoop pond at Cal City, but you'd go broke trying to keep it filled with water! :D

Not to mention, this morning, it would have been more like a skating rink.

Yea, now I remember swoop ponds. Didn’t they one at both Perris and Elsinore?

My idea of a fair fight is clubbing baby seals

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