Skydive Radio #199 01.08.14 - with Moe Viletto is now available. Enjoy.

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Rook Nelson and Mark Norman guest host with Dave and Stump. Invasion has bad weather but is still a good event. You might be a newbie if...you count exit separation on your fingers. Are jumpers taking enough responsibility? Dave is approaching A license on reserve rides. How can we get more experienced jumpers interested in jumping with new jumpers? Norman ends the greatest prank of all time. Safety First with Brian Germain discusses CRW and canopy flocking jumps. Pic of the Week - Nicholas Kent steps off Tombstone in Moab, UT. Photo by his father Lane Kent. Feature interview with Moe Viletto on the early days of base jumping. Listener email, Facebook topics, and shout outs.

Link to download or stream here

Skydive Radio

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Thanks for the podcast Dave. Great info as always. I appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in on these shows. I am lucky enough to have a job that I can wear headphones while working, and these podcasts have been a great learning tool for me.
Oh, and MOAR Moe please!



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