Thailand SkyAdventures Review.

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Passing through Pattaya and I knew I had to jump here. First things first, getting to the DZ is a bit expensive, it cost me about 1200BHT from Walking street (downtown Pattaya)to them. The DZ does offer a bus for 200BHT or free for tandem students. The office is nice and well kept and the lady behind the counter speaks good english, they have the typical waiver and paperwork like every place in the states, and require the typical stuff from you. The instructors are very friendly and welcoming, I received and excellent drop zone brief and a good tour of the facility and landing area. I got to check out the rental gear, its in good shape new-ish and well maintained, there is also a rigger onsite who can do same day reserve repacks too. The Porter looks to be extremely well taken care of and is pretty darn quick to altitude (think motor modded caravan), and it takes 5 fun jumpers to make it go. Yes there are hours that the DZ is "allowed" (Tai politics) to go to 13.5k about an hour in the am and an hour in the evening, they don't hide it and make sure you get a chance to get on it, otherwise your getting out at about 9-9.5k feet, but there working to get the restriction removed. Landing area is pretty big has lots of flags and no real obstructions and an arrow for those that can't figure out the whole landing thing. Outs are a bit scarce around however, a LARGE lake makes up most of it, and farms (rice?). Jump tickets are on par with prices in the states 950BHT (27-30usd) depending on the day, and about 6 per pack job. Overall its a darn good drop zone I am truly impressed for the region it is in, very professional and well kept and worth the stop if your ever around.

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