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I don't know what the price of a jump ticket is in us but in europe i pay 35 USdollar incl. rental gear without the gear its only 23 dollar.
i have payed 1475 dollar for the AFF course, 275 on jumpsuit
lets say 150 for my alti and another 150 on little stuff like goggles.
I also payed for a refresh jump after winterstop 65 dollar.
It seems jumping in the us is more expensive than in Belgium

IF your bio is accurate, you don't yet have a large enough sample of experience with which to define true co$t.

If for example you would have made 300 or 400 jumps in the last 12 months, bought a rig or three, bought several jumpsuits, a few different helmets & cameras, earned the appropriate ratings for the skill level obtained...you would have saved that refresher cost...but spent 10 or 15 grand.

Sure...pocket change can get ya up & out 17 times a year, cost a fair bit more to do it 17 times a weekend. ;)

YOUR comparison is like doing a few of those 1000.00 'introduction to NASCAR' driving courses & saying auto racing is pretty inexpensive. :ph34r:;)

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