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AltiPro App for Samsung Galaxy 4 &5 watches

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I nearly completed the development and testing of the AltiPro for the samsung watches. The App has a Voice Warning System. So, vocal messages are sent to the earbuds while in fly i.e "Pull altitude", "Swoop altitude", "AAD near fire"...

So, my question: what would be the best info and format to provide to wingsuiters? glide ratio? altitude each 1000m? 

To avoid confusion, I need to keep it simple so I was thinking about 1 or 2.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for your help.






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Like if I'm doing angles or even wingsuit jumps, I'd like to vocally hear the altitude every 1000 ft. If you can also make it to vocally say the glide ratio, that would be helpful too. Maybe give the user the option on which one they want to hear or even hear both?

The glide ratio could also be helpful during canopy if you are trying to get back from a long spot. Could a screen button option to switch between altitude and glide ratio vocal warnings be added? I wouldnt make this change under freefall but it would be nice if I could change it to glide ratio while under canopy if I end up being too far. 

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