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So my 73-year old mother has been fighting the great fight against cancer for about 6 years.  It seems that cancer just recently got the upper hand.  I got the word on Friday morning that things were bad. From leaving my house in North Texas @ 5am Saturday to get to Northern Cape Breton was 4 airports, followed by a 6 hour drive and 30-hours total to walk into the hospital and see a literal ring of skin cancer crawling up my mother's neck: far more aggressive and gnarly than it was a week ago, although she's still awake, alert, and bitching at me for cancelling a work trip to come home to see her.

I'm not fishing for sympathy and I don't do 'thoughts and prayers'....Just all this to say hug your Mom and get home as often as possible, before the possibilities run dry.  Can't help but think that this may be my last trip to Cape Breton.  If you'd love to visit one of the most beautiful places in North America, come check it out.  The 'world famous' Cabot Trail that people come from all over the world to drive was just 'the road' when we were growing up...never appreciated the beauty of the place when I was seeing it out of the school bus window, but it's definitely one of the most beautiful parts of the world I've had the good fortune to see.

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My family believe in saying goodbye to loved ones before the funeral.

I lost both parents to cancer.

My Mon went first. I was scheduled to visit her in August, but got an urgent phone call in July, so travelled early and stood at the foot of her bed when she took her last breath. Her bed was surrounded by all 4 of her children, her brother and a sister-in-law.

A dozen years late our Father was diagnosed with Altsheimers' leukemia, etc. I fle wto visit him in July. It was scary how much of his mid was missing. He died in August and I flew back for the funerla in October.


Side note: during a visit with the Seagull Skydivers - in the Margaree River Valley - we spent a cloudy day touring part of the Cabot Trail.

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