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SRBA Object Avoidance course

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I think Tom's courses are well considered and are valuable.

I personally think becoming highly proficient in CReW is also critically important.

Understanding what your inputs do to a canopy are very valuable.

Having canopies next to you (relative flight) is a great learning tool.

for example

I had about 100 total skydives, 45 of which were CReW. Also about 20 BASE jumps.

I stepped off a bank building in LA, opened 180 about 20 feet from the building.

I immediately pulled on both rear risers, started flying backwards, pendulumed out to hit the face with feet only, let up on one riser and flew to a safe landing in the street.

IMO No CReW = more pain.

Canopy was an unvented 220 ft 7 cell. from 1982. Very similar to a Fox.



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Done it, can't recommend it highly enough. Within months I avoided a cliff strike, on my first and only slider-down 180 (160 more like it), I believe mainly thanks to this course. I still commonly see jumpers doing things I was taught to navigate and avoid in this course. 500+ jumps and nearly 10 years in the sport now, no object strikes or major injuries, still going off many things I was taught at SRBA, worth every cent. Thanks again Tom and crew. :)

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