2023 SANSFormation World Record Event

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We are running a 2023 SANSFormation World Record event again this year!! Join us March 23-26 2023 at Skydive Sebastian, in Sebastian, FL.

Following up on the success of our inaugural Big Way SANSFormation camp in February 2022, we are going to do it again this year, but bigger and better!! Last year we ended up sending two planes on the last day sending up to 29 jumpers over three loads, resulting in a SANS World Record of 21 that stands to this day!

We have every intention of crushing that this year!! This time around will be a dedicated event aimed at refining our big way formation and naked flying skills over four days, ideally breaking previous records several times. This is not for the naked skydiver dabbler, we will be having fun but working hard and dedicating ourselves to improving our skills breaking the record, and making SANS jumping even more EPIC!!

Here is the current plan:

March 23rd (Thursday)
Intros and opening brief
Break down into skill groups based off prior experience and ability
Work with groups and refine positions based off progress during practice jumps
End of day debriefs and happy hour

March 24th (Friday)
Continued practice jumping
Bring groups together and move positions based on current progress
End of day debriefs

March 25th (Saturday)
Final selection for record attempts
Non-selected members continue to practice
Add jumpers to jumps as we progress
End of day debriefs
Group dinner (Tacos) and drinks

March 26th (Sunday)
Continue to grow and build our formation size as we break the record further!!
Celebration party


Just because you come to this event does not guarantee you will be on the record jumps, this is dependent on your skills and progress and ability to safely fly in a large formation. The goal of the camp is not only to break the world record but to develop more skilled SANS skydivers, big way jumpers, and help our SANS members learn how to mentor each other.

We have not set a jump number requirement, but we recommend you have excellent belly skills, experience naked skydiving, and flying in larger formations (ideally 10 or more). If you can’t track well with clothes on, for example, you’ll need to practice before you can safely join us.

Jumpers that have an appropriate skill level can be waived from practice jumps Thursday and Friday at organizers discretion.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/uDunKkPPnK5EGdBXA

And send an event fee of $50 to:

Faceboook Event Link:

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Who wants to come help me set a World Record!!? Last Feb @Amber Taylor and I ran a big way camp and set the FL state, USA, and SANS World Records!! This March 23-26 we plan to do it again at Skydive Sebastian!! Sign up, keep working on your belly skills, and let's CRUSH it!!

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