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The last two weekends the middle fingers of my right hand have been taking some kind of hit on opening (yesterday bad enough to put some painful purple bruises across the first knuckles). Dunno if the bridle has taken a momentary wrap around them on the pull, or if it's some kind of riser slap as I instinctively reach up on line stretch. Not a huge deal, but it is kind of painful after the fact. (Can't recall anything particularly painful as it's actually happening.)

Has anybody experienced anything similar and figured out the cause?


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Put your hands up too high on opening and on some canopies you'll get the slider grommets rapping your knuckles hard.

It's a pretty common thing to learn not do do. You can get your hands up there to react to anything, but don't actually get them in the way of the risers / toggles / slider.

(Assuming you're not flying a Mk 1 PC these days.)

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