Altimeter moves forward from zero..

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Silly question. I recently bought a Viplo FT50. I set it to zero when i got it and placed it on my shelf at home. I have noticed after a couple days its moved forward to 500 feet. Is this normal?? The product control sheet that was filled out seems to fit within the allotted tolerances specified.


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Altimeters, along with aad and any other skydiving accessory that measures 'altitude' actually measure air (barometric) pressure. As you go up the air pressure decreases. The air pressure also changes as the weather changes. This is why all devices need to be zeroed at the dz each day you jump. Some devices like aads automatically zero when you turn them on and continually rezero as the air pressure changes during.the day. Your mechanical altimeter will need to be rezeroed if the pressure changes during the day. They also DON'T always work. Check against another altimeter as you climb in the airplane. BTW do not check against the airplane altimeter. They are set to mean sea level and only read zero near the ocean. We care about height above the ground.;) If during.a.jump it seems to be moving slow or not changing use you first altimeter, your eyes. 'If in doubt whip it out.' In other words don't hit the ground wondering if your getting low. If everyone else is opening and your altimeter still reads 7000' take the hint. Altimeters sticking is.rare but.does happen. Many of us have 30 or 40 year old altimeters still working fine.

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