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Baby cave

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Arab legends are based upon reality.

The reference to a terrible, sulphur smell remind some of some wells in Alberta. When I worked at Beiseker, Alberta, well water had to be left to off-gas sulphur for a day or two before we could drink it. Fortunately, the previous owner had installed large fresh water tanks that held sufficient reserve to all water to sit for a day or three before we needed to use it for cooking, washing, etc..

Alberta has hundreds of petroleum wells that produce the full range of fluids ranging from natural gas to tar. Some wells also off-gas deadly hydrogen sulfide that can kill cattle and require drillers to keep gas masks handy.

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I had a similar thought. I was reminded of some volcanic lakes that have out gassed on calm nights and formed a big enough cloud to kill entire villages. I wonder if on a nasty water day with warm air above and no wind if the cave would fill up with nasty gas.


But what I was actually referring to in the post was that I had never heard of the cave it self. Little baby cave of the swallows. It would be slider down but a lot less intimidating to jug out of.



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