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3 Ring Education

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I attended a PIA Symposium (1999)work shop by Kyle Collins called 3-Ring education.

I have used that booklet information as my Bible ever since. Just recently it has magically disappeared from my rigging room. Much to my frustration.  Does anyone know where I could get another  copy?  I would sure appreciate any information. 


Debbie Harper

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I'll give you a hint:

There's a copy in the CSPA rigger package handout, or at least there was a while back. Which I have.  Maybe you can find a copy.

(But hey I remember the battles and antagonism in the 1990s between the CSPA organization, and the rival upstart CAPS organization which you guys were an integral part of -- and maybe the founders??   Each side was slagging the other as being full of bullshit.    Yeah I know the membership of CAPS had a wide variety of DZ's in it with differing motivations  -- from Lloyd Kallio's PST using and believing in round parachutes for students right until he retired; to Tom McCarthy of Gananoque who was always a pioneer but liked to go his own way if the CSPA bugged him at any given point; to Beiseker the "Death DZ" as the CSPA editorial put it and thus got sued by the asshole running the place ... who later in turn fled town once there was a legal judgment against him after one of the fatalities. CAPS was quite the mixed bag of those who chose not to join the CSPA for various reasons...)

 Anyway. Deep breath.  Maybe I should let bygones be bygones ... But I think that even though you probably run a great DZ these days.... I'm not comfortable handing you the contents of a CSPA manual given the antagonism your CAPS organization had for the CSPA system.

Someone else is sure to have the old PIA handouts...

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