Short Skydiving Documentary

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Hi guys, I'm a student film maker and we were asked to create a short documentary type piece on a topic of our choice. I chose skydiving because it had a big impact on my life when I jumped tandem for the first time a few years back. So I decided to use this doco as a way to introduce first timers to skydiving as well as follow someone's journey as they have their first skydiving experience. I thought I'd share it and see what people think. It's my second film and first documentary piece.
It was filmed at SA Skydiving in Wellington, South Australia.


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I guess aussies don't have the same rules regarding jumping into clouds as US jumpers do.... :S:S:S

Different rules and besides its not like you guys stick to the rules...
Experienced jumper - someone who has made mistakes more often than I have and lived.

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