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This is Dave's website, he is a guy at our DZ with a passion for photography.
I believe his pics are amazing and his website lets you download them at full-res, which should be great for posters.
I don't know exactly what his copyright is, but since he lets anybody download the hi-res, I'd expect him to be happy to let you use them for any of your school project, just make sure you let him know and credit him or his website in your final work.
There are A LOT of cool pics on this website, some of them were also published on Parachutist etc.


And of course, if you want to see some professional picture of skydiving, here is the website of one of my favorite in-air photographers of all times, Norman Kent:
Although, since that's his "day job" it might be harder to get authorization to use his images, but since you're doing a poster for a school project, he's probably also cool with that, if there is something you'd like to use, again, you can always shoot him an email and see his reply. He is very helpful when you ask him question about his work, I've had a couple of discussion with him about the gear he uses and he's very happy to discuss that, so you probably would get a positive answer if you ask. ;)
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