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Gear fit & weight loss

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Hello! I’m looking for some advice as far as gear fit & weight loss goes…. 

Here’s what’s up- 
I am a newly A licensed jumper. 
I’m already tired of spending money on the “one size fits none” rentals, so, I’m considering getting my first rig. However, the used market doesn’t seem to have what I need (I’m 5ft 6, 225 lbs, and have been flying a 260). As a result, I’m looking into getting new gear. But I’m a bit hesitant. 

I’m currently on a weight loss journey. I’m working with my doctors on this, so I’m fairly certain I will be losing the weight… Our plan is to get me down to 190-200lbs, which would be a 25-35 pound weight loss. 

I’d like to know how this will effect my gear fit if I were to buy gear now…. Once I’m down the weight, will my rig still fit, or, would I have to get a new container & or have it resized? What is the “wiggle room” harnesses have to offer as far as weight/ inches goes? Does anyone have any experience with this? 

I’m trying to figure out if I’m better off waiting until I lose weight (which, who knows how long that will take) & suffering through the rental gear (that currently has the chest strap in my mouth under canopy). Or, do you think I would be okay to get my gear now and still be able to use it later? 

Thanks in advance for any thoughts! 

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As far as harness sizing goes, there won't be a whole lot of difference.

Maybe the laterals, that go from the main lift web to the lower sides of the container.

But the yoke (shoulder width) and main lift web (height from hips to shoulders) shouldn't change.
The leg straps might change a bit, depending on how much thigh diameter goes. The good part about that is that the only thing that would need to change is the pads, not the actual leg straps.

This is something I would ask the manufacturer. They know the most about it. They are usually pretty good at answering this sort of thing.

The the thing that might be a bigger issue is the pack tray size. The size of canopy it would hold.
You are likely to want to downsize as you progress. Maybe not down to the 'handkerchief' sized stuff for hardcore canopy piloting, but down to 1:1 or maybe a bit higher wingloading (1.2-1.5). Big enough to be reasonably forgiving of errors, but small enough to be a bit 'sporty' and to penetrate into a bit of headwind.

Just my $0.02, worth what you paid for it (maybe). 
Again, the manufacturers would be the best source of info for this.

Good luck.

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I'm 5'4 and 170 flying a 210, now a 190, and I thought it was hard for me to find gear that would fit, because all the rigs for that size main were built for folks 6 inches taller, and all the rigs built for someone my height were for someone 40 pounds lighter flying sub-135 canopies.    Anyway, my take....there's a reason that you can't find used gear, and that is because there aren't that many skydivers with your measurements.  You could buy new gear that is sized to you, but what happens in 2 or 3 years when you're ready to fly a 210?  It won't fit in your rig, so you'll need a new one, and trying to sell your old one is going to be challenging because there aren't that many skydivers with your measurements. 

So if I were in your shoes, I'd suck it up and keep jumping crappy rentals until you're further along in your weight loss journey.  At that point it'll be easier (but not easy) to find a used rig to fit you...and if you do decide to go with a new rig at your lighter weight, it'll be much easier to sell down the road. 

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The biggest difference will be in your waist measurement. The precisely compensate for a smaller waist, you will need to get a Master Rigger - or the factory - to shorten your lateral straps.

You may be able to cheat by adding an after-market belly-band to tighten loose laterals.

Other than than, smaller thighs will require shorter leg pads. The better local riggers can modify leg pads or the factory will cheerfully sell you replacement leg pads. Look at the 2piece, sliding leg pads often installed on student rigs.

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