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Wingsuit progression checklist

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Taking canopy downsizing as an example, there has been quite helpful list of drills and exercises a pilot should feel confident to perform before considering switching to smaller size.

Likewise, it would be nice to have the same for switching to a bigger wingsuit. For example, I wish I learned to fly whole jump with arm-wings collapsed and palms touching BOC before switching to a bigger suit.

What other drills would you recommend for self-evaluation?


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Good questions to ask yourself before upsizing would be: 

Am I achieving laminar airflow, or just plowing air like a student?

Am I having consistent on heading openings? 

Can I fly my suit at all angles of attack? No need to get a big suit if you can't go steep. 

Am I willing to accept the risk that my AAD may not activate if I need it due to low air speed?

If you can say yes to all 4, you're probably good to go.

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