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NZone : 'He wanted me to lie through my teeth': Skydiving boss investigated over call after death

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On 9/12/2022 at 3:34 PM, jakebaustin said:

Classic "he said she said" situation. I can see why the police took it no further. I tend to think the harbourmaster wasn't making his story up however. 

 It doesn't change the fact, that if NZone did have an adequate response procedure/protocol to water landings, they failed spectacularly to implement it in this case. 

 The DZ in Taupo (200 metres from the lake shore) has a jetski ready to go, all crew members are trained in its use, and physically practise the drill on a regular basis, always striving to improve the time it takes to get the jetski in the water. Like any emergency response team, regular practice is necessary to ensure things are up to speed.     

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