We decided to develop a headset for communication in a wind tunnel and from wingsuits jumpers

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Hello everyone!
We have a small team of engineers and sportsmen, and we decided to develop a headset for communication in a wind tunnel and when jumping with a wingsuits. In general, for communication in extremely noisy and windy places.
For more than a year, and more than $100,000 of invested money, we have achieved good results.
We have already made a prototype and filed for a patent, soon I will be able to tell everything in more detail, I hope).
We have reached the stage of the naming of the device, in order to create Branding and I want to know your opinion, which name do you like best? Which name is more suitable?
1. Larry - a reference to the laryngophone, which is based on our device (also Lary, Larri).
2. Kenoha - from Japanese, the blade of the sword (metaphor, cutting through the noise in the Wind tunnel like a sword blade).
3. Strom - Like a storm, also a metaphor (also Stroom, Stromm).
4. LuftStrom - Wind and storm.
If you have any other options for the name, you can also write! Thank you).
*By the way, if during this time you found some device that worked in the pipe and completely satisfied your needs, let me know.

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