Drop Zone VS Skydiving Club

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It's been quite a while since I've jumped. I really Jones for it sometimes, but no longer have any equipment, and in all honesty, it's expensive! So I'm curious. What is more affordable: a Drop Zone or a Skydiving Club? Also: I know of Michigan DZs, but are there any Skydiving Clubs in Michigan?

I'd like to go again this next year and introduce my daughter to the sport, with (at least initially) tandems for us both.

Thanks to all who will give me their input. I'll check back later on.


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I don't think that there would be any difference between a "Club DZ" and a "for profit DZ." At least not for what you are looking to do.
If you are just going to do a couple tandems (ignore the troll, they are great ways to do an 'easy' jump), you'd be an outsider at a club.

Clubs only really offer benefits to people who want to be members, who are willing to put in the "sweat equity" and earn their jumps.
For someone coming in to do a tandem, you'd be a paying customer at either type of DZ.

Figure out what reputable DZ is closest to you, and you can ask about it on here. I say "reputable" because you can search for "skydiving in (insert city here)" and get a bunch of hits from a scam outfit that will sell you a gift certificate that may or may not be redeemable anywhere close to you.
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